General Information

The basic unit of Serra International is the Serra Club which is the primary presence of Serra International in the local community.

Serra’s International, National and District structures assist a Club in functioning as efficiently as possible in the local community. Each Serra Club is governed by a Board of Trustees. To find out more about the structure and usual proceedings of a Serra Club, please  click here.

The Serra Council of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific (SCANZSPAC) is divided into districts, each comprising a number of clubs. Where there is no local Serra Club, please write, or send e-mail, to SCANZSPAC via the “Contacts” section.

Serra District 89 Serra District 92 Serra District 99
District Governor To be appointed Andrew Kennedy In Recess
District Clubs Bendigo, Melbourne, Oakleigh Deanery, Sale Canberra, North Shore, Wagga Wagga

To find out more about the SCANZSPAC clubs click here.