Serra Australia Foundation Inc

The aim of the Serra Australia Foundation is to raise funds for deposit and from which interest may be earned. This interest is then used to allow grants to be distributed for vocations-related activities or events.

The Foundation was launched in 1982 at the Serra Convention in Hobart and has grown steadily from humble beginnings. The Foundation started with $4,000 following an appeal to members of the Serra Clubs. By January 2015, funds had passed $165,000.

A Board of Trustees manages the Foundation and donations are invited from the membership of the Serra Clubs and from members of the public. The Chairman of the Board is Neville Hackett and enquiries may be directed to him at

The Foundation has a number of ways in which funds can be raised –

  • Outright donation;
  • The Codicil Club – the Foundation is named as a beneficiary of a bequest.  A form is available from the Foundation.
  • An “In Memoriam” contribution at a funeral – brochures are available from the Serra Australia Foundation.

Since its inception, the Foundation has made grants exceeding $50,000.

Enquiries about the Foundation or requests for information about donations may be sent to –
The Chairman
Serra Australia Foundation Inc
Post Office Box 440
Doncaster    Vic    3108