About Serra

National Councils of Serra International

Serra International recognises the beneficial role that National Councils provide by representing individual Clubs at the International level and by ensuring more effective extension work within a country.  National Councils can only be approved by the Board of Trustees of Serra International.

National Councils have been established in Great Britain, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Canada, United States of America and Australia. The initial Serra Councils were set up in Great Britain and Brazil during 1970.

From its introduction into Australia in early 1970, Serra was managed by Area Trustees appointed by Serra International. Working closely with District Governors, the Apostolate grew in Australia and in New Zealand and led to the formation of several working parties to determine how a local Council could be set up.

Serra’s Council for Australasia is The Serra Council of Australia, New Zealand and The South Pacific (SCANZSPAC).  All Clubs in this region are responsible to SCANZSPAC.

An Interim Board of SCANZSPAC was formed in 1994 and Board Members Board worked to develop the Mission and Role of SCANZSPAC.  The Constitution was approved by the Board of Trustees of Serra International in 1996. and SCANZSPAC was formally introduced into Australia at the Wagga Wagga Convention in October 1996.

The Mission of SCANZSPAC is to actively promote the work of Serra International within Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific by:

  • providing a regional organisation to represent all Serrans, Serra Clubs and Districts;
  • liaising with Conferences of Catholic Bishops;
  • developing contacts with religious and secular media;
  • in conjunction with Serra International, determining the direction and aims of Serra by creating the policies and programmes required to extend the work of Serra International effectively throughout the SCANZSPAC Area.

The SCANZSPAC Board meets three times a year at venues determined from time to time.  Elections are called each year for positions on the SCANZSPAC Board and are open to Office Bearers from each Club in its area.

SCANZSPAC Board Members 2020-2021

Episcopal Advisor  Bishop Michael Kennedy
President  Anne Larkins
Secretary  Frank McCulloch
Treasurer  Max Spencer
Vice-President Communications  Andrew Kennedy
Vice-President Membership  Terry Scanlan
Vice-President Programme  To be Appointed
Vice-President Vocations  To be Appointed
Governor, District 89  To be Appointed
Governor, District 92  Andrew Kennedy
Serra Australia Foundation  Neville Hackett
Trustee   To be Appointed