Serra Clubs

Club Evaluation

Evaluating the Serra Club and its Members

Our Spiritual Advisers tell us that, if we are to make progress in our personal lives, occasionally we must take inventory of how well we are doing. The same principle applies to a Serra Club and its Members: if we are to progress, our leaders must regularly evaluate how well things are going in the Committees and the Club, how well each Member is performing, how to continue what is successful and how to remedy that which is not working.

Evaluating Serra Club Leaders

From time to time, Club Members should rate their Club Leaders as “S” (Strong), “A” (Average) or “W” (Weak) on the following points.

My Serra Club Leaders:

  1. have a thorough understanding of Serra, its objectives, history, By-Laws, policies, organisation structure and activities.
  2. use Serra’s objectives and policies as the basis for leadership activities.
  3. elicit wide participation in decision making.
  4. apply sound criteria in selecting other leaders.
  5. delegate responsibilities effectively.
  6. encourage short and long range planning of goals and of the steps needed to accomplish those goals.
  7. adjust their efforts to the unique characteristics and needs of the Club and area.
  8. provide in-service training of other leaders in Serra.
  9. see that budgets are planned, approved, and executed effectively.
  10. co-ordinate the various phases of Serra effectively.
  11. communicate effectively inside and outside the organisation.
  12. check the progress of the Club periodically against the objectives and policies of Serra and adapt or adjust accordingly.
  13. exemplify sound principles of human relations in organising and directing the Club.

Evaluating Club Operation

Various policies, procedures, principles, and suggestions for successfully conducting a Serra Club are mentioned throughout this Handbook for Serrans. Periodically, Serra Officers and Members should rate their Clubs as “S” (Strong), “A” (Average) or “W” (Weak) on the following points and then take whatever action is indicated by this analysis.

  1. All Club Members have a thorough understanding of Serra’s objectives.
  2. The Club occasionally analyses Serra’s objectives in terms of today’s problems and needs and the results of this analysis are communicated to all Members of the Club.
  3. The Club demonstrates its empathy with many groups related to the Priesthood and Religious Life through its various activities: Youth, Seminarians, Sisters, Brothers, Deacons, Pastors, Associate Pastors, Parents and Others.
  4. Club Leaders continually develop Club Members in their spirituality and vocation work.
  5. Club Officers and Committee Members regularly study all material on Club leadership found in this Handbook for Serrans and other manuals for assistance and guidance in serving the Club competently.
  6. Club Officers are nominated and elected from among those who have been members of the Board of Trustees and/or have served on at least one Committee.
  7. All Officers and Members of Standing Committees have, and use, appropriate Serra International manuals and other materials related to their areas of responsibility.
  8. The terms of Club Committee assignments allow for a reasonable amount of carry-over of experience from one administration to another.
  9. Committees have a balance of experienced and new Members.
  10. Club Leaders are continuously trained including instruction in the basic principles of leadership.
  11. The Club plans and schedules events in advance including regular Club Meetings, Special Meetings, Board Meetings, Meeting Programs, Vocations Activity, Finances (delete comma) and Conventions.
  12. Most Members actively participate in Club decision making.
  13. Actions of the Board of Trustees are promptly communicated to Club Members.
  14. The content of the talks given at regular Serra meetings are related to the Club’s activities.
  15. Qualified Members are given opportunities to participate in the Meeting Program in order to continue their interest in the Club and to utilize potential talent.
  16. Club programs allow for discussion and analysis of contemporary Catholic and Church issues.
  17. Club Leaders encourage the creativity of all of the Members and implement ideas whenever possible.


From time to time, Serrans should rate themselves as “S” (Strong), “A” (Average), or “W” (Weak) on the list of statements which follow:

  1. I have a reasonable understanding of the organisation and structure of Serra International.
  2. I increase my understanding of Serra’s role in the Church today by regularly reading THE SERRAN and other pertinent literature.
  3. I continue to develop a deeper understanding of the Church, its principles, and its problems.
  4. I am a better Catholic as a result of the opportunities offered to me by Serra.
  5. I am developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of Church Ministry.
  6. I do my share to encourage Church Vocations especially by assisting my own Parish Priest.
  7. I attend Serra meetings faithfully.
  8. I devote a reasonable amount of my time to Serra activities, in addition to regular attendance at Serra meetings.
  9. I help to develop a spirit of friendliness and fellowship among all Members of the Club.
  10. I have been responsible for adding at least one new active Member to the club during the past three years.
  11. I carry out any assignments or responsibilities given to me in the Club.
  12. I attend other Serra Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions.
  13. I grow in my ability to serve Serra in a leadership position.